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November 1, 2016

Feeling like a failure

One of the things I really struggled with when trying to conceive was feeling like a failure – I’ve always tried so hard to do my best at things and achieve what I set out to do, but however hard I tried, I couldn’t get pregnant.
November 1, 2016

Coping with other people telling you they are pregnant

Those of us that are/have struggled to conceive will know that one of the hardest things to cope with when trying to conceive is other people sharing their happy news that they are expecting.
November 1, 2016

Coping with going through fertility treatment

I found it hard at first going to the assisted conception unit. You don’t hear much about IVF and in a way it felt a bit like admitting failure (which it absolutely isn’t).
October 28, 2016


Fertility struggles can put enormous pressure on a relationship and it is a huge thing to go through as a couple. It is really important to support each other and talk through decisions and how you are feeling.