Someone who knows the ups, downs and in-betweens of fertility treatment

Fertility Struggles

I understand what it is like to want a baby so desperately. I felt the grief every month that I still wasn’t pregnant, and I felt like my life was on hold and out of my control, while others were moving forward with theirs.

We tried for a baby for 4 years before going down the assisted conception route. The next year was made up of daily scans, being pumped full of hormone drugs, OHSS, a freeze all of all embryos, a failed frozen transfer and having to go back on the pill. It was an extremely distressing process, but also positive in a way, in that I felt like we were at least making more progress than before we started treatment.

When I started getting ready for my second frozen transfer I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. I kept thinking ‘It’s never going to happen’ and I felt so low that I knew I wasn’t giving it the best chance of working.

Keeping Positive

I went to see a life coach who was brilliant. She talked to me about my anxieties and how I wanted to feel instead. She then gave me some anxiety managing techniques that made a huge difference.

I went into the second round with a completely different mindset and I used the techniques I had learned all through the process, especially during the wait to see if the IVF had worked. It kept me calm and reminded me why it was important to not worry or stress.

I’m lucky, our story does have a happy ending – our second frozen transfer worked and we were blessed with our little boy Jack. After taking 6 years to get him and the stress of trying to conceive was gone, I naturally I conceived our second child, our little girl Millie.


Having coaching really changed my mindset and I believe it played a part in me conceiving on my 2nd transfer. It helped me look at the different areas of my life so that I felt I was making positive steps forward (not just waiting around to get pregnant) and really helped my anxiety.

I really wanted to help others in the situation I was in to make changes that would make them happier and hopefully increase their chances of conceiving.

I left my job as a Senior Retail Buyer and retrained in two diplomas in Personal Development and Youth Coaching with the UKs leading Coach training provider, The Coaching Academy.

I am really honoured to be working with people on this incredibly difficult journey and want to help them feel less anxious and more positive about going forward.