Testimonial from NOVA IVI Fertility, Vinesh Gadhia, Chief Operating Officer

"We chose to work with Sarah due to her emotional connection with IVF, her own experience going through this & her ability as coach & trainer.

The most important result she achieved for our business is that we learnt & understood how critical it is to handle patients emotionally, not only by counsellors but by the whole staff of each centre.

The most important result she achieved for our staff’s development is that they have started to become aware of importance of emotional connect with patients and & handle them sensitively & sensibly.

The key benefits we have seen from working with Sarah is the growth in our staff’s ability to understand patients emotionally and handle them accordingly.

In terms of measuring our Return on Investment, I can forecast that with consistent programs & the right follow up, ROI will be promising, and we will work together for the long term for sure."

Provide excellent levels of care for your patients

My Support Services include:

Staff Coaching and Training

  • Emotional Support Workshops
  • Staff Wellbeing Workshops
  • Patient Profile Workshops - how to support each type of patient

  • Mentoring and Coaching Service

  • Coaching and Mentoring staff on emotional support for patients
  • Mentoring portal to offer information and support for staff.

  • IVF Positivity Planner

    The IVF Positivity Planner is a unique support resource that combines coaching exercises and coping strategies with a journal to fully support people through TTC and IVF.

    As a clinic, if you can provide this resource to them to support them through their treatment, they will feel supported, more informed and more in control before they even start and are more likely to begin and continue treatment with you.

    You will show that you understand how big this is for them, and that you are committed to helping them through treatment.

    Read More on The IVF Positivity Planner

    What benefits will you see from working with me?

  • Increased conversion and retention rates, leading to increased market share and turnover.
  • Increased patient satisfaction – leading to repeat business and recommendations.
  • Increased success rates due to patients feeling more supported and in a better state to cope with treatment.
  • Unique support offering to differentiate against competitors.
  • Testimonial from Yorkshire Fertility, Martin DeBono, Clinical Director

    "Working with Sarah has allowed us to form a collaboration of specialist knowledge, experience and passion for supporting and helping fertility patients or anybody who struggles with infertility. We chose to work with Sarah to help our organisation continue its dedication to patients, allowing them choices of support during their journey. Her service improves our support network and shows that we really care. We believe collaboration is the way forward in improving patient care and highlights our organisation’s ethos of working together to get results.

    The results we have seen are really positive; patients are relieved to be offered a support network outside of the clinical environment. Some patients, more than others, need this friendly peer support and the benefits have shown through the popularity of enquiries and website and Facebook traffic to support information which includes Sarah’s services.

    Sarah has made us more aware of the need for support and mostly emotional support during fertility, both before during and after care. Our team have learned to recognise the need for in going support beyond the time of treatment and to listen out for cries for help in patients who really struggle.

    Sarah is really easy to get along with. She is professional and organised as well as kind and friendly. Sarah goes above and beyond for her patients and shares our work ethic of putting the patient first.

    Sarah is part of the Yorkshire Fertility team and we see her as a colleague and friend who will continue to help to improve our service by contributing to future strategies."

    Featured as a guest expert for BBC Click, BBC Radio Leeds, Sky News, Capital and Heart Radio, Thrive Global, IVF Babble and Fertility Road.