Fertility Coaching

My work with Fertility Professionals and Clinics

I support those that work with and treat Fertility patients to help them get the best outcome for patients, by helping them understand how patients feel and the emotional support they need.

I work with them to look at their current support structure, how they can enhance their current offer to ensure patients are fully supported emotionally and give workshops to staff and patients on the emotional impact of IVF and ways to help.

My work with Couples and Individuals

I work with couples and individuals who are struggling with the desperation and heartache of trying to conceive. They feel that their life has been put on hold and that they have lost control of their life in general.

I work with them on managing their anxiety, looking at other areas of their life that have become neglected and help them focus on getting themselves in the best emotional state for conceiving.

“The 1-2-1 with Sarah was the best ever. I was really anxious about how it would all go – what it would involve. Sarah really put me at ease, and we ended up chatting like old friends, really relaxed, and I came out feeling 100% times more positive than I’d arrived. I think it’s a safe bet to say, that I plan to book more 1-2-1 sessions with Sarah nearer the time of my cycle resuming.”