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Interview with Kelly da Silva

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November 2, 2017
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November 4, 2017

Interview with Kelly Da Silva, founder of The Dovecote

Kelly very kindly agreed to talk to me about her own fertility journey and how it lead to where she is now

She talks through her fertility journey and how it lead to her setting up The Dovecote, an organisation that supports couple who are facing involuntary childlessness.

Kelly says:

‘The Dovecote’ is an organisation established to enable people facing ‘involuntary childlessness’ to obtain the support, strategies, knowledge and experiences to discover a renewed life of passion and purpose, which often feels impossible during this journey. Inspired by her own personal experience of infertility, loss and involuntary childlessness, Kelly Da Silva, founded ‘The Dovecote’ to share the knowledge, research, training and tools gained through her own personal journey, which can be attested to provide others with the same ability to deal with the challenges ‘involuntary childlessness’ brings.

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