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Interview with Susan Seenan

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November 3, 2017
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January 5, 2018

Interview with Susan Seenen, Chief Executive of the Fertility Network

Susan very kindly agreed to talk to me about how the Fertility Network helps those struggling with Infertility.

She talks through the different ways the Fertility Network supports couples, what is happening with the cuts to NHS funding and why supporting people struggling is so important.

Susan says:‘Having experienced first-hand the rollercoaster of fertility problems and treatment, I understand completely what it’s like to discover that having a family is not always that straightforward.

I believe passionately that eligibility for NHS fertility treatment should not depend on postcode, and that there should be more emotional support and counselling for everyone (men and women) struggling to conceive.

I have worked for the charity since 2005: first as communications officer and then, from 2011, as deputy chief executive -, I became chief executive –in January 2014. I work with patients, policy makers, professional organisations, health professionals, the media and the public to raise awareness of all the fertility-related issues, which can and do affect so many people.I represent the charity and patients on a range of clinical research projects, and act as the voice of patients on various committees’

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